IndieBeet.com is a website focusing on independent video games. Green thumbs seeking alternative gardening tips should look elsewhere.

Why beets? Well, they are delicious and a great source of folic acid. Beetroot also comes from the under the ground, while indies are “underground.” Heh. Also, the word beet is a homonym with beat, which could mean an area of focus in journalistic writing or a rhythmic pulse. But mostly it’s the folic acid.

What is an indie game? 
Any game with an independent developer — meaning a studio without a large publisher backing it —  is an indie game. Most of these developers are individuals or small teams working on a game. While there are many kinds of indie games, IndieBeet.com focuses mostly on “Pixel Art” and “Hand-drawn-ish Art” —type games.

I’m a developer… can I give you a free copy of my game for review?
IndieBeet.com has a strong stance of accepting free gifts. Just remember the review will mention that the game was received for free.