IndieBeet.com is a website focusing on independent video games. Green thumbs seeking alternative gardening tips should look elsewhere.

Why beets? Well, they are delicious and a great source of folic acid. Beetroot also comes from under the ground. In journalism, a ‘beat’ is an area of focus a reporter covers — whether it’s crime, city government or high school volleyball. This site’s beat is underground gaming.

Rating system

Is it justifiable to assign a subjective numerical value to a complex, interactive work of art like a video game? Probably not — unless that value is represented by beets.

The ratings on IndieBeet.com are outlined below:

5 beetsAmazing


These games should be added to your library as soon as possible. Games with 5-beet ratings are influential works that leave strong lasting impressions.

4 beets — Great


These are great games that excel in their genre. While they may have some flaws, the positives far outweigh any negatives.

3 beetsGood


These are games fun and worth playing, but it’s probably in your interest to wait for a sale before buying them.

2 beetsOkay


These games have some notable problems, but can still be fun. They fall into the “fans of the genre might enjoy” category. Definitely hold out for a sale.

1 beet — Bad


Broken or unplayable. These games are not worth a download even if they were received for free. Bad News Beets.


What is an indie game? 
This site considers any game with an independent developer — a studio without a large publisher backing them —  to be an indie game. Most of these developers are individuals or small teams working on a game.

I’m a developer… can I give you a free copy of my game for review?
IndieBeet.com has a strong stance of accepting free gifts. Just remember the review will mention that the game was received for free.