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Review — Attack Heroes

Attack Heroes is a game that takes the romance out of The Three Kingdoms, but still manages to be worth a round of battle.

Set near the end of the Han dynasty of ancient China, Attack Heroes is absurd and somewhat crude. It’s also at-times poorly translated from its original Chinese text.

Despite its shortcomings, the game can be pretty fun.

Title: Attack Heroes
Developer: EJoy
Publisher: EJoy
Year: 2017
Genre: Anime, Adventure
Price: $9.99

The adventure centers on a goofball character named Xiaomu who is on the run from law enforcement. Like any good RPG, that journey soon turns into a quest to save the world as he gathers an assortment of accompanying heroes.

There are 13 different playable characters in the game, each with four unique abilities. There are four characters in your party during battles, each continuously cycling in and out after their attacks are complete.

Battling earns you coins, which are used to level characters up. Successful battles gift you a star, which allow you to unlock new chapters of the storyline. You’ll need to level grind a bit to make it past some of the challenges, and you’ll be jumping back and forth in the storyline a bit in the process.

Gameplay is quick and strategy-based. You’ll need to properly manage your heroes’ attacks while the onslaught of foes continues to fight back. Each move has a recharge gauge, so you won’t be able to spam the same attacks.

The artwork in the game is the manga-inspired and includes the Japanese “Moe” style. The art ranges from occasionally beautiful to occasionally sleazy.

There are translation issues in Attack Heroes, but it’s worth remembering Chinese isn’t the easiest language to translate to English. Yes, the game has typos and a few missing translations in spots, but it’s great that Ejoy Games made the game available to the West. There is a shortage of Eastern games coming to PC, so beggars probably shouldn’t be choosers.

Many bigger developers never even consider the effort to localize games — just ask anyone who waited for the Romance of the Three Kingdoms XII. The mistakes in Attack Heroes warrant criticism, but a shoddy translation is better than none at all.

Final Verdict

Despite its immaturity, Attack Heroes offers some fun gameplay and is not a bad pickup during a sale. Overall, it’s okay.

Rating: 2/5 beets


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