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Final push to fund Kova on Kickstarter

Kova, a metroidvania RPG by Black Hive, is in the final hours of its Kickstarter campaign, and it needs your support.

More than $12,000 has already been pledged to the project, but the space adventure remains short of its $28,000 goal. Kickstarter has “all or nothing” campaigns.

You play as the title character Kova, a mercenary-explorer surviving through tough times as she crosses the galaxy. After discovering an ancient beacon on a frozen planet, she begins a journey to track down more signals suddenly picked up by her ship’s radar.

While traveling to the other atmospheric planets in search of the beacons — and to complete side-missions for the game’s three factions — Kova unravels secrets of the universe predating humanity and why we have never encountered alien life.

You can read more about the game and its deep backstory on Black Hive’s Kickstarter page (linked above). Make a pledge while you’re there. And tell your friends.




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