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Fresh picks — New indie games released April 21


In Everything, you don’t inhabit a universe — you are the universe. Everything you see is a thing you can be in this procedural, AI-driven simulation of nature inspired by Alan Watts. Developed by David O’Reilly and published by Double Fine, Everything is now on Steam for $14.99.

Dungeon Fall

Play as a simple farmer with a special purpose in Dungeon Fall, the first chapter in the Tales for Erda saga. The game by Knightwatch Entertainment is about 30 minutes long and serves as the prelude to The Darkspeaker’s Prince, the next game in the saga. You can play on for $0.99.

orbt xl

An updated version of a mobile game, orbt xl is a small arcade score-chaser focused on re-playability. You need to stay in orbit around a black hole, avoiding obstacles and not passing the event horizon. The closer you get to the black hole, the more points you earn. The longer you last, the harder the challenge gets. Developed by Nickervision Studios, orbt xl is now on Steam for $0.99.

Fresh Picks highlights three newly released indie games every weekday.

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