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Mobile review — Mekorama

The little robot in Mekorama is so adorable that you’ll feel obligated to complete each of the game’s isometric levels just so you don’t disappoint it.

The little arm-wiggling bot is too damn cool. His game is pretty neat as well.

You guide the robot through cubed levels by tapping where it needs to go and by turning the 3D world to open new pathways needed to reach the end point.

The small mechanical diorama levels are built tall and require you to navigate up and down the puzzle. Some levels require a dive under water, while the addition of tools and objects also enhance the puzzle-solving.

The game’s graphics are crisp and colorful. The levels are not overly decorated, instead leaving your focus to the gameplay and the arm-wiggling robotic character.

Mekorama is free to play and the entire game is available with no purchases. That’s all 50 levels. You are given the option to tip the developer, Martin Magni, in the game. You probably should.

The added bonus to Mekorama is a level creator where users can make their own diorama and link them to a QR code. It’s a wonderful bonus feature with hours of entertainment tacked on to an already great mobile game.

Mekorama is an isometric puzzle game that does everything right.

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