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Review — Western Press

Ready, aim, press.

Western Press is a dueling battle game where players must race through pressing a series of 10 randomized buttons.

Whoever finishes first wins.

Title: Western Press
Developer: Bandit-1
Publisher: Surprise Attack
Year: 2016
Genre: Typing
Price: $4.99

The duels last just a few seconds, testing your reaction skills at blazing speeds. The gameplay is simple but can be challenging if you don’t have nimble fingers.

You can duel in a Skill Tester mode against AI opponents, starting with a stack of cans. The difficulty gets more intense each level, and you unlock characters as you beat them.

The Memory Mode offers a bit of a different challenge, forcing players to repeat a continuously growing string of buttons.

There is also an online multiplayer mode, although its as dead as that aforementioned stack of cans. If you want multiplayer, you better have some friends interested in playing.

Developer Bandit-1 included support for both Xbox and PlayStation controllers, as well as dance pads.

The wild west atmosphere of the game is enjoyable and appropriate for the gameplay mechanics. It all fits together well. There’s even a little voice acting tossed into the mix, adding a little more polish to the product.

However, the game lacks any form of a story, other than the winner of the deuls “is right.” Combined with the dead multiplayer, the omission leaves the game feeling a little empty.

Western Press pulls you in with a good setting and challenging gameplay, but has its drawbacks with no story and no real available multiplayer.

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