Seven new indie games coming to Steam in April

A nostalgia-fueled platforming duo should be gracing your PC monitor next week, but there’s plenty more to look forward to this month. Here are seven of the most anticipated titles set for an April release:


44iraMore than a year after its successful Kickstarter campaign, developer Ore Creative is set to release a demo of its point-and-click adventure Ira on Wednesday.

Ira is set in an alternative-1930s where the space age and intergalactic travel coincides with the great depression.

Expeditions: Viking

44vikingTake the role as chieftain and lead a modest Viking clan into the runestones of history. Expeditions: Viking is a half-RPG, half-strategy game crafted by Logic Artists, the same studio that made Expeditions: Conquistador.

You can take over Britannia April 27.


44shinessJump aboard an airship and traverse a fantastical kingdom in Shiness, an action-adventure RPG developed by Enigami and published by Focus Home Interactive.

Shiness features five playable characters to develop along its journey. The game will be released April 18, although you’ll get a digital copy of the soundtrack and its manga if you pre-order it.

Planet Nomads

44nomadsBuild, explore, survive. In Planet Nomads you play as a lone scientist stranded on an alien planet. Use your hi-tech tools to survive this unknown world and its inhabitants.

Developed and published by Craneballs, Planet Nomads enters Early Access April 18.

Portal Knights

Portal Knights is best described as Dragon Quest meets Minecraft. The game has been in Early Access for more than a year, but its full release is scheduled for April 28.

The colorful crafting adventure was developed by Keen and published by 505 games.

Three Kingdoms: The Last Warlord

Based on the historic novel by Luo Guanzhong, Three Kingdoms: The Last Warlord is a new turn-based strategy game set in ancient China.

Chinese indie studio LongYou Game developed and published the game, due out April 20. Three Kingdoms will have an English option for its interface and subtitles, and looks like a must-buy for fans of the original Romance of the Three Kingdoms games.


44yookaThe most anticipated indie game this year will be released April 11. Playtonic’s Yooka-Laylee looks to revitalize open-world, 3D platformers popularized on the Nintendo 64.

The game is made by former Rare employees who were key figures in creating classics like Donkey Kong Country and Banjo-Kazooie. Yooka-Laylee actually was promoted as the spiritual successor to the latter during its £2.1 million Kickstarter campaign in 2015.

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