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Review — Orion: Prelude

The “worst game of all time” has evolved into a new beast.

Four years ago TREK Industries released its first iteration of Orion: Prelude to abysmal reviews. The space-aged dinosaur hunter was broken and a mess.

But TREK did not abandon its title. It revamped it with numerous free updates and dropped the price to an expectation-free dollar. Last year TREK released a new trailer for the game, poking fun at its past with the “worst game” quote and followed with multiple reviews from big-name outlets slamming the release.

Title: Orion Prelude 
Developer: Trek Industries
Publisher: Trek Industries
Year: 2013
Genre: FPS
Price: $0.99

Critics have since been far more favorable to the updated game.

It’s not perfect — far from it. It’s still wonky and a little shallow. But the reworked game now works. You can travel to different terrains and fight hordes of dinosaurs with different weapons. You chose from the general artillery — pistol, shotgun, assault rifle and sniper. You also get the choice of three different classes, although the jet-pack boosted option is an easy, advantageous choice.

You fight dinosaurs small and large, including tyrannosaurus and spinosaurus. They come  across 10 waves of attacks, with each wave getting more intense and featuring more big dinos. You can complete the quests in both single player and multiplayer modes.

Orion: Prelude also features more than 270 achievements in case you feel like hunting more than just dinosaurs. While the game is far from a premiere first person shooter, it’s a lot of fun and is a testament to how developers can salvage a dream.

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