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Review — Osiris: New Dawn

Day breaks on the dusty Mars-like planet that you have been stranded on. The threat of the terrifying, gigantic gnats that lurk in the night has faded, and your search for some more plutonium has begun.

You see a faint greenish rock glistening in the morning sun across a seemingly barren crater. You begin your trek, only to find a quickly rising shadow darken the ground beneath your feet.

It’s the worm.

Title: Osiris: New Dawn
Developer: Fenix Fire Entertainment
Publisher: Reverb Triple XP
Year: 2016 (Early Access)
Genre: Survival
Price: $24.99

Anyone who has played Osiris: New Dawn is all too familiar with the worm. It’s the most intimidating of the aliens inhabiting the planet Proteus 2, and without a nimble evasion, it’s the end of your journey there.

Worms aside, there’s a lot to like about Osiris. Aesthetically, it taps into sci-fi tropes of Martian exploration. While Proteus 2 isn’t our little red neighbor, it certainly is inspired by the planet and fiction set there.

Like most survival games, much of the gameplay revolves around resource gathering and crafting. There are about 30 different raw resources spread across the planet that can be gathered to craft new equipment, utilities and structures.

There are standard utilities that need to be made — things like a forge for crafting tools and weapons and a excrement collector for creating fertile soil. Yes, you’ll have to go full-Matt Damon and farm to stay properly fed on the red planet.

You can build fully fledged bases that house barracks, biodomes and tech labs. There’s also a bunch of furniture to outfit your habitat with that will further expand your production abilities.

Building vehicles is probably the most fun to be had in the lab, although they come a little late into the playthrough. You likely won’t be building the transportation devices until well past the halfway mark of the content, meaning navigating the early stages of the game are a bit of a grind.

Unlocking the spaceship will allow you to venture into the outer atmosphere of the planet, where you can mine new resources on orbiting asteroids and fight an ever-growing fear of falling to your death in the process.

Crafting weapons will help keep you safe as you venture out for more diverse resources on the surface of Proteus 2. The planet features 8 hostile aliens and a handful of non-aggressive creatures. Generic sniper and assault rifles will aid you in the ongoing fight against the planet’s wildlife, as will the more rugged-looking melee weapons, such as the crab scythe.

Just don’t test any of them out against the worm.

Osiris: New Dawn is still in Early Access and currently offers about 20 hours worth of content. While there are both public and private servers to play on, increasing complaints of hacking on the public servers is an inclination to play them at your own risk.

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